The Gentle Giant of the Internet

Google is the biggest company in the world. On this date, there is no other company in the world that can match the customer range, reach, and profit margins of this company. Even big companies like android and apple are nowhere near the total strength of Google.

It does not matter if a person is a MAC user or a PC buff, everyone has a Gmail account. The biggest services and software in the world are made keeping in mind the specifications of the Google Guidelines. People are making a lot of money from uploading great websites on the said search engine. Millions of people are working with or through Google services and making a decent living. The secret of this massive success of Google is the consideration for the people and the great innovative approach. Since the internet has reached every corner of the world now, Google has become a dominating figure for all users. Here are some of the great services of Google that are free but still very effective:

  1. Google cloud platform:

Google cloud platform is almost a magical service for users. There was a time when an average person could not imagine capturing sound into a simple disk. Now people are able to store their pictures, videos, audio clippings, and documents online. The free cloud is an infinite space that people use for keeping their products safe and away from any harm. This service is so amazing because a person can access the internet from anywhere and at any time. Without even the hassle of carrying a USB drive around the data is safely stored.

  1. My Google drive:

Google Drive is one of the operational centers for tech users. People can create, edit, and store different types of media on their drives. Every user gets a huge amount of free space on their products. Other software that works on offline desktops is quite costly in comparison. However, Google offers all these services for free. With the help of the latest technology, people can also access these services offline. The Cloud has a lot of space and it is all free of cost. Due to the ease of cloud Google, people can store their data without having to worry about losing it. For professional users, there is a small Google drive pricing for extra storage space. Google drive PC users often want to explore the premium features of Google drive windows. However, for a person who uses Google cloud-free is good enough.

  1. Google Hosting:

Every person with a little amount of knowledge about a website knows that it requires hosting. Other than Google cloud services, Google VPS is also a great service introduced by the corporation. This is great news for the SEO manager and web designers. It is obvious that Google cloud SQL is much more compatible with the local hosting server. With the help of the integration of Google drive offline, designers can also save their updates without having to worry about the loss of data. Therefore, in terms of web support services, Google is taking a positive step forward. On the other hand, Google cloud messaging has enabled designers to take on assignments from remote parts of the world and take advantage of active communication. The highly compatible Google drive window 10 is easy to set up and operate as well. It does not require a lot of training and most people can start working after a few classes. Therefore, it is shaping lives for the better everywhere.

  1. Easy Upgrades:

There are seldom cases when a person needs to enhance the already big enough Google drive space. However, the payment plan and Google drive storage pricing are quite cheap and reasonable. Many people who own businesses never need to worry about other services like email and messaging. The Google messaging services took care of all their needs. There are many advertisement campaigns like “Google drive my drive” to make sure that almost every user works with this corporation. Due to free services and small Google drive costs; this corporation has become a world leader within the span of a decade. The Google storage pricing keeps changing based on the region and requirements of different users. Therefore, it is best to check the updated list before making any payments.

  1. The Internet of Things:

Another technological marvel of Google is its ability to sink and integrate with other huge services. Most websites on the internet provide the option of registering with the help of a Gmail account. People can not only log into their social media accounts with one click but they can also register on a new website in a matter of seconds. Take for example the how the storage service of yahoo works well with a Google account. The one drive Google combination is nothing short of an oxymoron and irony. Yahoo is the second-largest search engine in the world. However, it is quickly losing its footing due to the massive popularity of Google. People are unable to ignore great features like Google drive unlimited storage provided by this massive search engine. Also, Google cloud IoT is a constant topic of discussion among the professional developers. It is not wrong to say that Google have not only taken a place among the personal users but also managed to make a big impact on the professional web developers and programmers.


On one hand, Google has managed to facilitate a non-technical user with ease of access and user-friendly services. On the other hand, professional platforms like the Internet of things attract the programmers in flocks around this search engine as well. There are a lot of open-sourced applications and tools available by the corporation to help out the technical users and new learners. For starters, these services make for a great package and most users cannot resist the temptation to ignore these great features. Google has become an integral part of everyday life. However, it still has ways to go before, it can become the most well-known brand in the world.

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