Studying at Swinburne University of Technology

The Swinburne University of Technology is a notable name both in Australia and abroad. The University was set up in 1908 by Hon’ble George Swinburne.

In those days it used to be known as the Esteem Suburbs Technical College. Swinburne got the University status in 1992. Other than specialized training, the University offers advanced education in various orders.

The scholarly year at Swinburne comprises of two semesters. The principal semester runs from February to June. The subsequent semester is held from July to November.

Swinburne Residential College

Swinburne Residential College furnishes convenience help with home remain and rental help with pads. Swinburne help is accessible through the understudy advising administrations, convenience, universal understudy’s club, PC administrations and profession data exhortation. There are likewise an understudies’ association, library offices and sports affiliation.


Swinburne pulls in understudies from everywhere on over the world. Its courses in sociologies, business, humanities, science and building are especially well known among understudies. The University offers both undergrad and post advanced education courses. School leavers can look over an assortment of college degree programs just as a wide scope of TAFE programs. The University likewise offers a wide scope of postgraduate courses extending from graduate testaments through to PhDs in the territories of Applied Science, Business and Innovation, Design, Engineering and Technology, Health and Human Services, Informatics (Computing and Information Technology), Multimedia, and Social Sciences and Arts.

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