Introduction to Strength of Materials

In earlier research now we have undergone a primary course in mechanics of Inflexible Our bodies, extra generally known as Engineering Mechanics or Utilized Mechanics. Mechanics as such is subdivided into three branches; Mechanics of Inflexible our bodies, Mechanics of Deformable Our bodies, and Mechanics of fluids.

Mechanics of Inflexible Our bodies assumed our bodies to be completely inflexible i.e. there is no such thing as deformation of our bodies below the motion of hundreds to which they’re subjected statics and Dynamics are the 2 branches of Mechanics Of inflexible Our bodies involving stationary and shifting our bodies respectively below the motion of hundreds.


i. The pressure of resistances per unit is provided by a physique in opposition to deformation is called Stress. When a physique is subjected to exterior loading the physique undergoes some deformation. At a similar time, the inner pressure of resistance is a result of the cohesion of molecules contained in the physique. Thus stress is induced within the physique upon exterior motion of the load

ii. If the physique is in a position to withstand the exterior load, it’s stated to be steady, in equilibrium, and subsequently, for this situation, the inner pressure of resistance ought to be equal to the exterior load.

By Definition Stress=pressure of resistance/cross-sectional space

Or Stress=P/A


Because the physique produces pressure of resistance to counter the exterior loading it undergoes some deformation. The extent of deformation depends upon the fabric property like molecular cohesion. The ratio of change in dimension is called pressure.

Since Pressure is a ratio, it has no items. We will denote pressure by letter e. If L is the unique dimension and is a change in dimension after which

Pressure =Change in dimension/Unique dimension

Forms of Stress:-

1) Direct Stress and Direct Pressure:-

When the pressure of resistance acts regular or perpendicular to the world on which it acts, the stress so produced is termed as Direct or Regular Stress and corresponding pressure is known as Direct Pressure.

We will denote direct stress by the letter ‘F. Direct stress could possibly be of tensile nature or compressive nature.

2) Tensile stress:-

When the pressure of resistance acts away from the cross-sectional space, the direct stress is of tensile nature. Tensile stresses are likely to trigger a rise within the authentic dimension.

3) Compressive Stress:-

When the pressure of resistance acts in direction of the cross-sectional space, the direct stress is compressive in nature. Compressive stresses are likely to trigger a lower within the authentic dimension.

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