How to Get University Scholarship

The opportunity for scholarship has always been a lifetime ambition of many students. A lot of folks have been trying fruitlessly for loans to study but their effort has always been in opposite direction.

First of all, you must have access to information which is a problem for many students; because many do not have access to information that will enable them to have access to grant for their studies. But thank the internet; anybody can get the information now. To apply for the University of your choice. The University will then ask you to either fax or scan and mail your credentials to them.

These are some of the Universities you can apply to for scholarship:- We have a commonwealth foundation, we have a Ford foundation that gives 100,000 Dollars to students, there is the University of Edinburgh that offers free Master’s programs online.

There are very many others like the Africa Development Bank, Desmund Tutu’s Masters, Edinburgh Global Master, Gordon Meculloch(MBA), Indian Government Scholarship Scheme for Africa. Commonwealth Scholarship, Ph.D. fellowship for Developing Countries, Ford Foundation Scholarship, Eric Blue mink Scholarship, Dorothy Hodgkin Ph.D. scholarship.

Other is Hubert Humphrey fellowship, International Fulbright service, Ph.D. Scholarship from developing Countries at the ICCD, ACLS fellowships, Talent for governance Triangle, etc.

It is the University that recommends you to these Organizations for sponsors. Like the one of Desmond Tutu, which is managed by a University in London. So all you need to do is to contact the University of your choice to process your application.

Their course duration is usually four years for undergraduate and a year or two for Masters. These Universities are mostly in the UK. But we also have some in the U.S.A.

If you are an overseas student, Educational studies provide you an opportunity to travel and study abroad for free without worry about visa and travel expenses. Even at the Embassy, they do not request many documents because you are a student. Once you present your admission letter, they stamp your visa, and your visa is free.

Basically, what is required to qualify to study for degree programs is a College education or their equivalent, while for Master’s Degree, you need a BSC.

So Watch out when these Universities will open their Scholarship position so that you will apply. Do not forget somebody is paying all the bills including your accommodation, feeding, flight ticket, etc. Thanks, God bless.

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