How to Answer Any Teacher Interview Question

This publishes will describe the usage of the STAR method in an instructor (or management) interview and can hopefully provide you with some concepts as to method your interviews with extra confidence.

To face out from the gang in an interview, it’s important that you’re clear, articulate responses. Sadly all too usually our nerves can get in the way in which.

STAR method

The star interview method is kind of extensively utilized in enterprise however I have not heard too many lecturers speak about. It’s one thing I’ve used previously with numerous success. The acronym stands for

S- Scenario

T – Job

A- Motion

R- End result

Scenario or Job

The primary a part of your reply outlines the context. Introducing a response on this manner provides you credibility and exhibits you may be an efficient practitioner. In a classroom this can be a pupil who was underachieving, a boy who did not wish to learn or a baby who was being bullied. It is useful to arrange a couple of examples earlier than interview. By beginning off on this manner you’ll already begin to stand out since you are relating it to your personal expertise.

Introduce your examples with phrases comparable to;

On my final placement there was…

When working with a 12 months 5 class I…

One instance I used to be notably pleased with was when…


The second element of your reply is describing what you probably did. If a baby was being bullied in school, what did you do about it? If a baby was struggling to learn then how did you assist encourage them? Describing the motion will display how you’ll be able to use your initiative within the classroom. It provides the interview panel proof of how efficient you’d be of their faculty and persuades them that you’re the perfect candidate. In your preparation for interview mirror in your full vary of actions. Did you observe a college coverage? In that case inform them. Did you liaise with the dad and mom or senior administration staff? Describing the motion might be a very powerful a part of your reply because it highlights your response to a selected situation. Do not forget to incorporate what you probably did, how you probably did it and the all vital why.

End result

By speaking in regards to the outcomes of your actions you may display how efficient you might have been. What occurred on account of the motion you place into place? By being particular in your solutions you’ll present a good clearer image to the interview panel. Maybe the kid abruptly progressed one sublevel. Perhaps a baby stopped being bullied and the dad and mom thanked you. There could have been a improbable affect on the kid’s perspective and behavior in class. Regardless of the outcome be sure to spotlight it – it’s one thing you might be pleased with and exhibits your potential to be efficient in a college setting.

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