Education Conundrum and Crisis

Education is the main difference that sets apart human beings from animals. With the help of knowledge and information, Homo sapiens have become the most dominant species on the planet. The most well-to-do nations in the world are those which have a great academic institution where scholars from the entire world aspire to work and train. There is no better way to create a worthy youth for the nation than providing them with the liberty of education.

A wise man once said that true philanthropy is about teaching a man how to fish not to give them a fish for one time. There is no way for a leader to give people everything they need until they develop the capability of earning their share themselves. The power of education allows people to think on their feet. They have a better idea about what to do with their lives and how to work for the development of their country in the long run. The power of a nation is the power of a single individual. The more individuals are empowered the more a nation progresses. All of these ideals would not turn into a reality without the free flow of education.

Where to Begin and What to do?

Taking a look at any underdeveloped country, the most common and biggest problem is that the people are not skilled or educated. An educated person becomes free from the influences of small obstacles and brainwashing. When a person is educated, they start to think how to utilize their abilities to improve their lives. This thought is what makes the people of developed nations different from the people of developing nations. Therefore, the Ministry of education aims to sell to the people the idea of becoming more powerful through the pursuit of education. There are many countries where people think that education means a heavy salary and a well-settled life.

This thought is not only destructive but it defeats the whole purpose of education. A society where people do not wish to talk about anything other than the basic needs of life cannot hope to grow any further. Great philosophers and scholars cannot survive in an environment where their basic needs of life are not met. A nation needs to be distilled with such a Philosophy of education, where a mere degree is worth lesser than actual merit and qualification. When a child starts to acquire an understanding of the world, there should be encouragement given to those who are capable of thinking something new.

There are countless philosophies in the world like “Ikigai” and “existentialism.” These concepts were created by great scholars of their time, to help mankind understand the meaning of life. There is a reason for every soul to be here. The people of great knowledge and skill try to deliberate and reflect upon the phenomenon of the purpose of life. All of these things would rarely become a concern of a shepherd, who just wants to survive the winters. The question of education is no lesser riddle than the Egg and Chicken aphorism. Which came first: egg or the chicken? The same question can be applied to the prosperity of the nation, which comes first education or prosperity?

The answer is of course obvious after weighing the pros and cons of every situation. Sometimes, wealth and resources are bound with luck. However, for a student of education, the notion of success is not based on luck and chance but it becomes certainty. Not every person needs to become a lawyer, engineer, or certified consultant. Many skills are learned at a vocational training institute. Education is not about thinking about what the world pays top dollar for. It is to help an individual realize how to shape and chisel their natural skill sets. There are many nations like Japan, Germany, China, and India that have arisen from the ashes by anticipating what their world needs. Today, IT and digitization have taken the world by storm. By the promotion of ICT in education, people can become more empowered and ready to embrace the challenges of the future.

Many programs offer vocational courses for free to their students. Also, with the timely interference of the Federal government and school education department, children can now study for free. Many private tutors are working to promote nonformal education in Pakistan. The global education community is also playing an important role in providing positive aspirations for the students of this country. However, as a nation, it is high time to start depending upon our own feet. The higher education commission needs to propose changes in the age-old syllabus. The students should be motivated to pick up other books outside of academic necessity.

The crackpot and set in stone teaching methodology is also doing more harm than good. The purpose of education is to get the students to use their imagination and start trusting in their judgment. There is a countless educational institution in the country but not even 1% of them are about making things logical or practical for their students. After spending 12 years in academic institutions most students have no idea what they have acquired in schools. The value of the HEC degree is next to nil. There are lots of students who feel lost when they have a grasp of the concept but not the exact words captured in their minds.


A renowned scholar once said that working for the achievement of happiness is not a great effort. Even a cupcake can invoke feelings of happiness in a person. The truth of life is bigger than the happiness of one individual. To realize that truth means to explore the depths of the sea without being blown away and diving into the depths of the ocean without suffocating. Without knowledge, these tasks would be thought neither performed in reality. As a nation, there is such a big lack of in-house technology and any sort of initiative that it is almost depressing. The ability to assemble parts and making cheap copies of borrowed technology has diminished the ideology of education.

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