College Scholarships For Athletes

There are different types of college scholarships awarded to deserving students. The main types of scholarships are based on academic merit, financial need, and athletic ability.

The third type, more commonly known as athletic scholarships, is common here in the United States. The awardee is granted the scholarship precisely because of his or her ability to play a sport well. Depending on the sport, college or university, and ability of the student-athlete, an athletic scholarship can either be for the whole stay in college or an award that covers a part of one’s tuition and fees.

Athletic scholarships are regulated by the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This organization is in charge of setting the minimum standards for both the scholarship providers and the recipients of the scholarships. They set the minimum GPA and test scores in standardized examinations that an athletic scholar should be able to meet in order to qualify. The National Collegiate Athletic Association also sets the terms with regards to the proportion of recipients, and the form and value of the scholarships that the organizations providing the scholarships must comply with. Also, under the rules of the NCAA, only schools that fall under Division I and Division II can offer athletic scholarships, while Division III schools cannot.

Athletic College Scholarships for Basketball, Football, and Swimming

Basketball is a highly popular sport and most colleges and universities award talented basketball players athletic college scholarships. Having a scholarship under this sport will allow the awardee to participate in intercollegiate matches and also national championships at the schools’ respective division. To have good chances of getting this scholarship, the athlete must be able to compete at the highest amateur level at the time of application.

Competition for athletic college scholarships for football players is very intense especially for those who wish to attend and play for top Division I colleges. To increase one’s chances of getting that scholarship, top high school football players are advised to enroll in football camps and further improve one’s abilities. Support from one’s high school coach is also vital. During the application process, one can also prepare a video of the various matches where one’s skills and abilities are highlighted.

To qualify for a swimming scholarship, the aspirant should register with the NCAA Initial-Eligibility Clearinghouse for certification. This should be done as early as the start of one’s junior year in high school. Aside from the regular practices one already undergoes, more intensive training at college swimming camps should be considered. Coaches and current student-athletes give technical instruction as well as analysis of one’s level and abilities.

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