California Universities Are Considering Taking Down American Flags As To Not Offend DACA Students

Some college students at our native College have purchased into the entire sufferer motif which accompanies the DACA Program and now say that they’re emotionally triggered after they see an American Flag,

thus, they’ve requested to have the US Flag faraway from the campus, and additional imagine the American Flag shouldn’t fly at any of California’s State Universities and even on the Neighborhood Schools within the state. I suppose my query is what ought to we fly on that flag pole if not the US Flag? Do they need us to fly Mexico’s flag? I hope not as a result of supposedly the DACA unlawful aliens have by no means identified another nation and they’re scared to be despatched again to that nation.

If DACA people really imagine they’re American, then they should not stage protests in opposition to America carrying Mexican Flags, nor ought to they try to influence College employees, college and administration to take away the American Flag on campus. Simply the truth that the Universities would take such a request significantly or promise to look into it exhibits how out-of-touch our California Universities are with the taxpayers who complement their budgets. What flag would the college, employees and administrations of those FINE (ask me what that stands for later) establishments wish to fly?

Who is aware of perhaps they need to fly a Communist Flag as a substitute, as that might make rather more sense based mostly on their overwhelming political persuasions. It appears to me as we start to take away Accomplice Battle Flags from the South and name them statements of racism after which ask to take away our US Flag as emotionally triggering, as if it does not stand for the beliefs we imagine in – then maybe they may recommend the Russian Communist Flag instead.

The gall of those people to demand the taking down of flags and change them with different flags that imply the very reverse of what they search is bathed in a lot hypocrisy that it begs the questions;

1. Do our Universities of upper studying even perceive their historical past, the historical past they supposedly educate?
2. Are our Universities trying to create chaos in our society and overthrow capitalism and freedom?
3. Are our Universities making a deadly error in empowering radicals who will in the long run take down these very establishments and prematurely pop the Tutorial Bubble that’s already nearing financially bloated overload?
4. Is the brain-washing of Universities throughout California almost full and everybody believes they’re the Sufferer?
5. Are these College college students driving the development of anti-capitalist Hollywood and white hating NFL gamers?

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